Summer Program at The Chase Home Changes Kids’ Lives

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Summer Program at The Chase Home

While primarily focused on providing clinical, counseling, and psycho-therapeutic services to at-risk youth, ages 11 to 19, The Chase Home in Portsmouth offers an ambitious Summer Program explicitly designed “to create unforgettable memories.”

‘It’s important we create fun experiences for our kids that enable them to test the life skills they have worked to develop over the course of the year,” said Meme Wheeler, executive director of The Chase Home. “These experiences are intentionally designed to enhance their lives in meaningful ways.”

According to Craig Dennis, director of operations, these experiences include everything from deep sea fishing, ziplining, and camping to kayaking, paddleboarding, urban adventures to museums, visits to state parks, and more. “We offer many different kinds of activities to ensure kids can really discover what they love to do,” he added.

These activities in the summer, however, largely rely on community support. “The program is partially funded by the State, but there is a gap,” said Wheeler.

This gap is $15,000, an amount she said they hope to fill on June 6 – 7 during NH Gives, a 24-hour giving challenge that involves nonprofits from across the state. “It’s a big day not just for us as an agency, but especially for our kids,” said Wheeler. “These are kids who have been through so much…They deserve a summer of fun.”

Founded in 1877, The Chase Home in Portsmouth serves at-risk youth through prevention, early intervention, residential and community-based programs. Some youth are served in the community while others live at The Chase Home. To support The Chase Home, click here to donate.