Our Programs

We provide 24/7 wrap-around, evidence-based clinical support(s) and services through programs designed to help at-risk youth, ages 11 to 21, build tangible life skills across all areas of their respective lives. Every youth deserves a bright future. Their future starts here.

Our programs are accessible both in the community and at The Chase Home where some youth live while we work with them and their families. Our programs are intentionally designed to help youth (and their families) address the causes behind issues that threaten their happiness and well-being.

Residential Treatment Services staff at The Chase Home

Residential Treatment Services

Residential Treatment Services (RTS) wraps customized services around youth who live at our home in Portsmouth while they receive services designed to stabilize disruptive and/or unhealthy behaviors. The goal of the program is to help youth (and their families) develop healthy coping skills and tools to manage their needs across multiple domains of life. We want youth to return to their community and family-based setting as soon as possible. To learn more, contact The Chase Home.

Kids cooking at The Chase Home

Home-Based Program

Our Home-Based Program provides customized clinical and therapeutic services to at-risk youth who are experiencing serious difficulties around several areas in their lives. These services are available in the community and inside the homes where youth live with their families. The program is designed to either prevent placement in our Residential Treatment Services (RTS) program or help youth transition back from RTS to a community and family-based setting. To learn more, contact The Chase Home.

Diversion Program at The Chase Home

Seacoast Community Diversion Program (SCDP)

Grant-funded with public and private support, SCDP provides therapeutic groups and group, individual, and substance abuse counseling with a LADC (when applicable) to youth and families in distress in Portsmouth, NH, and nearly a dozen towns throughout eastern Rockingham County in New Hampshire. Contact The Chase Home to learn more or visit Seacoast Community Diversions.

Independent Living Program (ILP) at The Chase Home

Independent Living Program (ILP)

ILP assists youth in developing the skills necessary to successfully transition from living at Chase Home—or with their parents in distressed circumstances—into independent living. Within this program, older youth (18 to 21), who live in separate apartments on-site at Chase Home), live as adults and receive comprehensive therapeutic, vocational and clinical support. To learn more, contact The Chase Home.

Summer Program at The Chase Home

Summer Program

Our summer program is crucial in teaching our youth important skills, such as self-efficacy, self-esteem, and problem-solving. A unique transformation takes place during these few weeks. We see youth displaying confidence, enthusiasm, and teamwork as they navigate the activities carefully planned for them. The ability to offer the youth in RTS with supportive and therapeutic adventures that push them to succeed and grow is one of the most rewarding and affirming elements of this program. To learn more, contact The Chase Home.

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