New Driveway Welcomes Youth Home

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New Driveway at The Chase Home

In May, The Chase Home launched ‘Pave the Way Forward’ to raise funds to repave its rapidly deteriorating driveway, a campaign that has met with success. “We are thrilled to have a new driveway,” noted Meme Wheeler, executive director of The Chase Home. “This is a project that was long overdue.”

Prior to the fundraising campaign, Director of Operation Craig Dennis said The Chase Home spent thousands annually to repair potholes and affect temporary repairs. “It wasn’t sustainable,” he explained.

Major campaign sponsors from the community included LeMay Family Goodworks with additional support from Eastern Bank Foundation. In total, more than 15 individual organizations and private donors contributed to the campaign.

“While there were safety concerns regarding our old driveway, which was apparently decades old in some places, there was an aesthetic component, too,” said Wheeler. “When our kids walk ‘home’ to Chase Home, their path will literally be nicely paved…It feels more welcoming.”

Founded in 1877, The Chase Home in Portsmouth provides at-risk youth across the state with prevention, early intervention, residential, and community-based services. Some youth live at The Chase Home while others are served in the community.