LeMay Family Goodworks Helps ‘Pave the Way Forward’

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Chase Home Ambassadors with Michelle LeMay

With a driveway in rapidly deteriorating condition, The Chase Home launched ‘Pave the Way Forward,’ a campaign that has resulted in a $10,000 gift from LeMay Family Goodworks. 

Based on the New Hampshire Seacoast, LeMay Family Goodworks supports a different nonprofit each week, a project that began in 2012. Its broader mission is “to support, protect, and defend veterans, children, and families in an effort to promote overall mental and physical well being in our communities near and afar.”

“Our long-term vision is to lead by example and live a life of generosity,” said Founder Michelle LeMay. “We succeed collectively when our giving becomes abundant, contagious and intentional.”

According to Meme Wheeler, executive director of The Chase Home, the gift from LeMay Family Goodworks is particularly impactful given recent world events. “The fiscal climate is very volatile right now, so a gift of this magnitude not only gets us much closer to our goal, but also leverages interest by other funders,” she said. “We are so grateful for this incredible show of support.”

This show of support, noted Ben Lindberg, who serves on the board of directors at The Chase Home, was made possible by the organization’s core of ambassadors. “Our ambassadors help The Chase Home build relationships in the community,” he stated, “and they have proven instrumental in advancing a number of initiatives in recent years.” 

One of several ambassadors who helped introduce LeMay to The Chase Home, Bill MacDonald said he is “thrilled to connect the two.” “It’s been wonderful to connect Michelle with The Chase Home and its mission to help at-risk kids and their families on the Seacoast and throughout the state,” he said.

Founded in 1877, The Chase Home in Portsmouth provides at-risk youth across the state with prevention, early intervention, residential, and community-based services. Some youth live at The Chase Home while others are served in the community.

After the gift by LeMay Family Goodworks, more than $18,000 has been raised out of the $55,000 needed for the new driveway. Regarding the need for the driveway, Wheeler said temporary ‘patches’ no longer makes fiscal sense.

“We are spending thousands each year to patch potholes that continue to increase in size,” she said. “It is only a matter of time before a delivery truck or an employee’s car gets damaged as a result of these issues, especially in the winter.”

Regarding next steps in the emerging relationship with The Chase Home, LeMay said she plans to stay involved, as she cited its “critical mission.” “Continuing to work with The Chase Home aligns with our mission of serving families and children in our local community,” she said. 

To learn more about LeMay Family Goodworks, visit lemayfamilygoodworks.com. To contribute to the ‘Pave the Way Forward’ campaign, or help sponsor it, visit https://www.chasehome.org/pave-the-way-forward.