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Managing medications and prescriptions is a complicated process at The Chase Home, which is home to as many as 15 at-risk youth at one time. This process is about to become much easier for staff at The Chase Home, however, as it will soon partner with Genoa Healthcare. “Genoa will deliver medications to us every week so we no longer have to coordinate the time for someone to physically go to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription,” said Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler. “Genoa will also bubble pack all pills a youth is required to take on a given day.”

For more than 20 years, Genoa has delivered pharmacy care to people with complex mental health and other chronic conditions, helping break down barriers that make it difficult for them to stay on their complicated treatment plans.

According to Brian Driscoll, clinical coordinator at The Chase Home, working with Genoa not only reduces liability for staff, but also helps to ensure prescribed medications no longer go unfilled. “We sometimes have issues with authorizations, for example, where we need to go to the State for assistance,” he explained. “Having this one stop shop for our medication needs will allow us to focus more on our residents and provide the best services to them.”

Founded in 1877, The Chase Home in Portsmouth provides at-risk youth across the state with prevention, early intervention, residential, and community-based services. Some youth are served in the community while others live at The Chase Home.

According to Art Tipton, director of operations at Genoa Healthcare, their objective will be “to provide pharmacy care personalized to each Chase Home youth and family, ensuring they stick to their medication plans.” “This new partnership with The Chase Home is an important milestone in Genoa’s continued commitment to expanding access to mental health pharmacy services and improving outcomes for the people we serve,” he said.

“Having this one stop shop for our medication needs will allow us to focus more on our residents and provide the best services to them.”

Photo of Genoa Healthcare’s Justin Lewis (l) with The Chase Home’s Delaney Gosse and Brian Driscoll (r).

Regarding the anticipated outcomes from the partnership, Tipton cited research that shows people who use Genoa have a 90% medication adherence rate, which results in 18% fewer emergency room visits and 40% fewer hospitalizations. “The people we serve stay happy, healthy, and out of the hospital,” he added.

Noting Genoa will manage communications with prescribers as opposed to Chase Home staff, Wheeler said the partnership will better support youth on home visits, too. “When kids go on family visits, we will be able to give their pill packs to their parents or caregivers,” she said. “Genoa will alleviate so much time and stress for both staff and caregivers.”

Driscoll added, “We are excited to start a relationship with Genoa and to have all of our medications handled through one company. We look forward to continuing this working relationship for some time.”

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