Chase Home makes final push in Wheels for Chase Home campaign

Blog > Chase Home makes final push in Wheels for Chase Home campaign

Sponsored by ConvenientMD, the ‘Wheels 4 Chase Home’ campaign is nearing the end of the road, but there is still time to help.

“The campaign is about $4,000 short of its goal of $20,000—it’s within reach,” said Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler. “It’s crunch time now and we want to make sure we reach our goal.”

Ben Collins, executive director for ConvenientMD, said the organization has been proud to sponsor Chase Home’s campaign. He noted it has been important for them to help raise awareness about Chase Home and the importance of a new van.

“Chase Home is an incredible resource for the community,” he said. “It’s been fantastic to see how many people have contributed already and we’re confident we’ll finish the campaign successfully and Chase Home will get a van.”

At the end of 2017, Chase Home’s two vehicles were in dire need of an upgrade, as both were rapidly deteriorating and no longer reliable. Chase Home uses the vehicles to transport at-risk youth across the state and throughout the community.

“We are so grateful for how the community has responded to our need,” added Wheeler. “The Exeter Area New Car Dealers stepped up and led the charge for the purchase of our first vehicle…Now with the support of ConvenientMD and so many others, we are very close to providing the reliable transportation that is critical to our organization.”

Founded in 1877, Chase Home serves at-risk youth in its residential home and in the community. More recently, Chase Home has partnered with several agencies and towns to provide prevention and early intervention services to a wider group of youth. To learn more, visit