Chase Home and Gove Group Real Estate Celebrate Thriving Partnership

Blog > Chase Home and Gove Group Real Estate Celebrate Thriving Partnership

Gove Group Real Estate recently celebrated the completion of their first year of partnership with Chase Home with a donation of $4,000. The donation will be used for programming that provides community and residential-based services to at-risk youth.

Gove Group Real Estate has long partnered with local organizations with a strong commitment to build lasting relationships with nonprofit agencies.
“Gove Group Real Estate has been a fantastic partner — they are tremendously supportive of everything we do,” shared Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler. “It has been a great partnership and we are looking forward to our second year of partnership with Gove Group. We were overjoyed by their recent $4,000 gift.”

Chase Home offers three types of services–residential and home based.  In the Residential Program, youth are offered a place to live, while they develop the skills they need to experience stability across multiple areas of their lives, including social, academic, emotional and family environments. The Home-Based Services Program provides similar services within the community. Most recently, Chase Home has partnered with several agencies and towns to provide prevention and early intervention services to a wider group of youth, all of whom are at-risk.

In working with Chase Home over the last year, Gove Group’s Patty O’Brien said they were able to see firsthand the impact affected by Chase Home.

“Chase Home represents much of what we have tried to accomplish over the years through our philanthropic efforts — to provide a positive force and influence for children all over the Seacoast area,” she said.

“Our partnership with Chase Home is not simply a donation, it’s personal,” added Elizabeth Harpin of the Gove Group management team. “On multiple occasions, we have been welcomed into their facility to meet the staff and even some of the kids.”

This spring, Gove Group is planning a Day of Caring effort for Chase Home. To learn more about Chase Home or other partnerships ad initiatives, visit Wheels 4 Chase Home campaign, visit