3rd Grader Raises Money for The Chase Home

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3rd Grader Raises Money for The Chase Home

Recently, Abigail Rivlin, a 3rd grader at Stratham Memorial School, donated $50 to The Chase Home, a donation made possible through proceeds generated by a lemonade stand.

“I chose The Chase Home because I like helping people,” said Rivlin, who said the highlight of her experience as business owner for one day was significantly enhanced by the arrival of the Stratham Fire Department.

“They saw it mentioned on Facebook online,” she said. “When they pulled up, they said, ‘We’re thirsty,’ over their loud speaker. It made me feel happy that they came out to support my lemonade stand.”

Abigail Rivlin with members of the Stratham Fire Department

According to Meme Wheeler, executive director of The Chase Home, Rivlin’s donation is “especially touching.”

“To receive a donation of any kind from a child is very moving,” she said. “She gave us more than money. She gave us her time. She connected with people in the community. That’s pretty amazing.”

In addition to her philanthropy, Rivlin said her lemonade stand also helped pave the way toward the future.

“The other half went into savings,” she said. “It was a great day.”

Founded in 1877, The Chase Home in Portsmouth serves at-risk youth through prevention, early intervention, residential and community-based programs. Some youth are served in the community while others live at The Chase Home.