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At any fundraiser, there are numerous moving parts behind the scenes, which in the case of The Chase Home’s 6th Annual Wine & Chocolate Tasting involves two well-known chocolatiers.

For the second year running, Enna Chocolate and La Cascade Du Chocolat, owned by Enna Grazier and Samantha Brown, respectively, will be responsible for the chocolate at the event, which raises funds for at-risk youth.Sam_La Cascade Du Chocolat

“It’s wonderful to be able to create such an amazing experience for guests while raising money for critically needed services,” said Jennifer Desrosiers, board member of The Chase Home.

Approaching both businesses last year on behalf of The Chase Home, Desrosiers said Grazier and Brown were eager to help the nonprofit agency.

Founded in 1877, The Chase Home in Portsmouth serves nearly 300 at-risk youth and families annually statewide through prevention, early intervention, residential and community-based programs.

“They dived right into the project and brought some incredible chocolate, which elevated our event,” said Desrosiers, who is also owner of LANEY & LU and founder of WILD ADVENTEROUS LIFE.

For Brown, supporting The Chase Home was an easy decision.

“Because The Chase Home does wonders for local, at-risk children–our most vulnerable–we didn’t hesitate to be involved,” she said.

Grazier said her involvement stems from a deep concern regarding the area’s at-risk youth.

“I appreciate what Chase Home does to help young people develop a strong foundation for their lives,” she said. “It is an honor to contribute what I can to help make this a successful fundraising event.”

Enna ChocolatePresented by The Atlantic Grill, The Chase Home’s 6th Annual Wine & Chocolate Tasting takes place on Wednesday, November 13 from 6 to 8 pm and is expected to attract nearly 200 attendees.

“It’s a wonderful, heartwarming event with a deep purpose,” added Desrosiers. “It is also an event with some incredible chocolate.”

According to Grazier, she plans two different chocolate origins that will “pair really beautifully with wine.”

“I am the only chocolate maker in the world who is using cacao grown by the farmer Herbert Pasqual in Trinidad,” she said. “He only produces a small amount and I buy it all.”

Describing his cacao as complex, she said the chocolate she makes with it contains many layered notes of molasses, buttermilk, and wine.

“It is really special and will pair beautifully with bolder complex red wines,” added Grazier, who said she may additionally create a special batch just for the event.

Brown said she also plans to “wow” guests, as she will bring several dark chocolates from different origins around the world.

“I may bring one or two surprising chocolates for pairing as well, too,” she said.

For Brown, pouring herself into fundraiser reflects a synergy she sees between herself and The Chase Home.

“We put our heart and soul into everything, whether it’s creating a well-loved chocolate bar or inventing a new flavor of bonbon,” she said. “The Chase Home does the same for its children, and what better cause could you ask to support in your local community?”

For Desrosiers, such passion underscores what she thinks makes the annual fundraiser for The Chase Home special.

“This event is about community coming together for a shared purpose with deep meaning,” she said. “I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening or give back.”

Taking place on Wednesday, November 13 from 6 to 8 pm, The Chase Home’s 6thAnnual Wine & Chocolate Tasting will feature food, cocktails, a short program, and a live and silent auction.

Individual tickets for the fundraiser are $65 with sponsorship opportunities beginning at $250.