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One of the most important aspects of any nonprofit is the community support behind it, which will be evident on Thursday, April 19, at Spring Gentlemen’s Night in Portsmouth with proceeds benefiting The Chase Home. Founded in 1877, The Chase Home meets the needs of youth and families in crisis.

Organized by J. Hilburn Stylists, Graham Shaffer-Rais and Bill MacDonald, the event has recently attracted the attention of The Provident Bank and Port City Nissan, each of whom have invested $500 to support The Chase Home.

“There is a great need for the support and services that The Chase Home provides in our communities,” said Kelly Scott Goodwin, assistant vice president-relationship officer at The Provident Bank in Portsmouth. “With cost increases in the day to day operations and diminishing financial support from federal, state and local government, it is important that businesses and individuals help support places like The Chase Home.”

J. Hilburn Stylist Graham Shaffer-Rais (l) and General Manager at PortCity Nissan Justin Fecteau.

Having grown up in Portsmouth and alongside kids from The Chase Home, Justin Fecteau, general manager, Port City Nissan, said it was important to get involved in the cause.

“We have the means and manpower to make our community stronger,” he said. “Some people do not have the easiest path to success—no matter how you measure success—and its our responsibility to remove as many of those hurdles as possible. We also find the people you give that chance to generally become your best employees and appreciate the opportunity that they received.”

Having organized several other similar events, each with a theme of  “elevated style and wellness,” Shaffer-Rais said people can expect “a very electric energy” on Thursday.

“Like in the past three Gentlemen’s Nights, everyone attending is there for a common goal—to help others,” he said. “When you combine that with a ton of fun, great food and drinks, great music, an amazing raffle, and most importantly great people, it’s hard to not feel the positive energy flowing throughout the building. I know everyone that comes will also make some great connections and leave feeling a sense of gratitude and accomplishment.”

According to The Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler, these events do much to raise awareness about critical needs in the community.

“We are so thankful at the spotlight Graham and Bill have created for us and our kids,” she said. “It’s important people recognize the needs we meet are critically important and ongoing.”The Chase Home (92 of 92)

At the free event (donations are encouraged), attendees will enjoy a preview to spring fashions by Shaffer-Rais and MacDonald and have the chance to win a variety of donated raffle items. Items range from a chef’s table and a cocktail hour Tuscan Kitchen, which hosts the event, to items from Jessica Todd, Hybrid Fitness, Rico Riciputi Golf, Areté Chiropractic, Zen Den Yoga, On Target Fitness,CJ Physical Therapy and Wellness, Acupuncture North, Juicery, and Officially Knotted Bow Ties.

Spring Gentlemen’s Night takes place at Tuscan Kitchen on Thursday, April 19 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. To learn more about The Chase Home, visit www.chasehome.org.