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“Chase Home saved my life” is what a youth resident wrote to us recently. This resident continued:
“Chase Home has helped me cope with all the feelings I have. I have feelings of sadness and anger and sometimes I feel tired and anxious. At first, I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings, I would yell and cry and punch a wall until my hands started bleeding. I still have those times but they don’t happen like they used to. I can tell that people care about me here. They took me school shopping, helped me save money for my Jordans, take me out to lunch when I’m doing well. Staff is great, even though they are strict with me. They always keep me safe and happy.

Chase Home is always respectful to me and everyone, even when we aren’t so nice to them. They show me how I should act in a stressful situation with their actions. Sometimes I think about how hard it is to be a staff and I try to be better. Sometimes I see another resident being disrespectful and I get defensive of staff, because I know they are trying to help us. Even if they take away my phone sometimes.

ConvenientMD’s Ali on left and Ben on the right with our own Meme Wheeler.

If I wasn’t in Chase Home, I don’t think I would have everything I have today–like nice shoes and clothes, coping skills, a job, and people around me who are good role models. Even though I don’t like to show it, I think everyone knows how much Chase Home means to me and how much they have helped me.

Thank you Chase Home!”

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