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For dozens of youth throughout the year, Chase Home literally is home. More than a service provider, we strive to create an environment in which youth feel as comfortable as possible while living here. 

In fact, research shows that a comfortable environment can have a profound impact on the lives of anyone–especially vulnerable populations. With all this in mind, it was fantastic when Art Connects NH reached out to us and asked if we would be open to them hanging contemporary art at Chase Home. Our response was, “Of course!”



What followed were great conversations and then last week the actual hanging of the art. We cannot thank them enough or the local artists who donated their work.  Founded through a partnership between the New Hampshire Institute of Art and the New Hampshire Art Association, Arts Connects NH  creates “permanent exhibitions of contemporary art in social service and nonprofit spaces, benefiting under-served populations of the state while providing artists a public outlet for their art.”

 In working tirelessly to help make Chase Home a true home for our kids, we cannot thank partners like Art Connects NH enough. The art looks amazing and the kids have already taken notice. These art pieces make the Chase Home look amazing and the residents feel good about their temporary home!

Serving 36% of youth requiring intermediate placement in New Hampshire, Chase Home is one of five intermediate level group homes in the state. Founded in 1877, we are one of the oldest nonprofits in the Granite State.To learn more about us, visit