The Chase Home Looks to ‘Pave The Way Forward’

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The Chase Home Staff advocating for new driveway

The Chase Home has launched ‘Pave the Way Forward,’ a campaign that seeks to raise $55,000 for a new driveway. According to Executive Director Meme Wheeler, the campaign is one of “absolute necessity.” “For several years now, we have made sizable investments to patch the driveway, but that is no longer a sustainable option,” she said. “Our hope is we can raise the money needed from both the private and corporate sector by September 1st so we can repave the driveway in the fall.”

Bill MacDonald, one of several ambassadors at The Chase Home who will lead the fundraising effort, said he looks forward to the challenge. “I enjoy networking and talking to people on behalf of The Chase Home,” said MacDonald, who is joined by fellow Ambassador Damien Callahan, founder of Seacoast Cars & Coffee. “Our mission is what motivates us.”

Founded in 1877, The Chase Home in Portsmouth provides at-risk youth across the state with prevention, early intervention, residential, and community-based services. Some youth live at The Chase Home while others are served in the community. “Our services range from vocational and educational to clinical and therapeutic,” noted Wheeler. “We work with kids and families in active crises.”

Spearheading The Chase Home’s Board of Directors’ involvement in the campaign, Ben Lindberg said every member is “committed to its success.” “It’s all hands on deck as we work to – pardon the pun – pave the way forward for The Chase Home.”

To contribute to the ‘Pave the Way Forward’ campaign, or help sponsor it, click the button below.