Help us get reliable transportation to transport our kids!

Wheels for Chase Home

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A big thanks to ConvenientMD Urgent Care for kick starting this fundraiser with a $2,500 donation. Please join us in making a donation to purchase a reliable vehicle to transport our kids!

$20,000 Fundraising Goal


$16,000 raised so far!

The Need

Currently, one of our two vans is close to being in complete disrepair and will not pass inspection next February. From now through February of 2018, we are partnering with ConvenientMD Urgent Care to purchase a van so we can transport our kids throughout the community. 365 days each year, 24 hours every day, our staff is on call, which means we need reliable transportation to bring kids to the hospital, medical appointments, or school functions. Some kids live here so we often drive kids back home to visit with their families.

Campaign Donors

ConvenientMD Urgent Care 

Chase Home Board of Trustees

Carroll Levey

Diana Levey

Deb & Fred Ludington & Family/Sweet Grass Farm

Lauren & Eric Krans 

Lorraine Levesque

Roberta J Keenan 

Sara Smith

Tom DiMatteo

Trevor Farrell 

Will and Sharon Imhoff 

The Story Behind the “Wheels” Campaign

From Thanksgiving Day through February of 2018, this online campaign will seek to raise up to $20,000 to cover the costs of a van, which Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler said is “critically needed.” “We work with dozens of kids at any given time, so it is essential we have transportation in good working order,” she said. “We have been concerned for the past year and a half about transportation—and it all came to a head this summer.”

For ConvenientMD Urgent Care Executive Director Ben Collins, the chance to lead a campaign that will rely on community support reflects their belief in Chase Home. “We are proud to be involved in the campaign and lead this community initiative to support a well-deserving nonprofit with deep roots in this area,” he said.

Expressing gratitude at the “incredible support” shown by ConvenientMD Urgent Care, Wheeler said a successful “Wheels” campaign will bolster the agency’s infrastructure for years. “Dependable transportation is critical to our operation,” she said. “We transport kids across the state to and from Chase Home. A new van will enhance safety, provide predictability in future expenses, and strengthen our overall operations.”

She expressed “deep appreciation” to ConvenientMD Urgent Care for leading “the push” to replace their second vehicle. “They have supported us in the past—and this latest contribution deepens this bond,” she said. “Any time a community-mind corporate sponsor steps in to help Chase Home, I think it motivates our staff, too—that caring and concern helps drive our business model.”