About Us

About Us

The Chase Home (70 of 92) (1)Founded in 1877 as an orphanage for young children in Portsmouth, NH, the Chase Home is a powerful example of a grassroots response to an identified need within the community. The Chase Home has evolved over the years to meet the ever changing needs of New Hampshire’s at-risk youth and their families. Today, the Chase Home offers two types of services–residential and home based.

In the Residential Program, we offer youth a place to live, while we help them develop the skills they need to experience stability across multiple areas of their lives, including social, academic, emotional and family environments. Our Home-Based Services Program provides 1) support to a youth transitioning from our Residential Program and back with their families reintegrate with their families, or 2) support to youth and families within the home to prevent placement in our Residential Program.

In both programs, we want youth to stabilize the at-risk behaviors that have led to their involvement with the Court systems. At the same time, we work closely with families to help them establish the structure and consistency that will lead to child’s long term success. Essentially, we work with kids in crisis, all of whom have suffered serious trauma at some level and require assistance in developing the coping mechanisms and skills they need to redirect become contributing members of society as adults. Youth are referred to us by the state.

Additional Programs

An evidence-based program of Chase Home, SCDP:

• Seeks to divert youth from re-offending and entering the Juvenile Justice System;

• Addresses underlying issues behind shoplifting, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, and anger-management;

• Provides therapeutic groups and adventure-based learning and substance abuse counseling with a LADC, if applicable.

ILP assists youth in developing the skills necessary to successfully transition from living at Chase Home—or with their parents in troubled circumstances—into independent living. Within this program, youth (ages 18 to 21 and two at one time in separate apartments on-site at Chase Home) live as adults and receive comprehensive therapeutic and clinical supports.
Youth served through SYSPN represent those at the highest risk of suicide, including youth served by Chase Home, Seacoast Outright and Portsmouth Housing Authority. Many of these youth are low-income, struggling with drinking and/or drug addiction, or otherwise involved in the Juvenile Justice System. These youth are among the most disenfranchised and isolated populations on the Seacoast.

Board of Directors

Rob Levey, President

“Tuck” William Tucker, Vice President

John (Jack) A. Meffen, Treasurer

David Howard, Esquire

Mike LaLime

Jennifer Desrosiers

Zac Abrams

Joanna Raum


George Daniel Harvey

Kathy Birse Siegel

Board of Trustees

Ralph R. Woodman, Jr. – President

Peter Torrey – Treasurer

John Ricci

David Splaine

John Hebert

Michael Magnant

Reverend Robert Stevens

Ted Alex